Depolymerized Guar Gum Derivatives



Depolymerized guar gum is obtained from the endosperm of guar polysaccharide and is purely non-ionic in nature. The Depolymerized Guar Gum Derivatives of guar gum process is done with reactors, via the actions of acids, alkalis, oxidation along with the right temperature. It is processed under the supervisions of very experienced professionals using most modern technology to stand up to international standards. Finally our depolymerized guar gum is quality tested and is well-packed so as to retain its quality.

Our products are excellent textile thickener with high Viscosity which is very apt for resilient printing. Although it is exclusively ideal for printing on polyester fabric, it is chiefly utilized in disperse dyes, fast dyes as well as acid dyes to print on Cotton fabrics, rayon or acrylic fabrics. Our Depolymerized guar gum can also be utilized in direct as well as alkaline discharge printing. It is also utilized in several textile industries for carpet printing, space dyeing, and continuous dyeing of carpet as well as for printing acrylic blankets.

It minimizes warp breakage, decreases the dusting while sizing as well as offers enhanced production. It also lessens the dusting of sizing machine. It also exhibits admirable running properties in flat bed as well as rotary screen printing. Our guar gum is renowned for its efficacy, high purity and very long shelf life. It gives exceptional film forming and is useful as dispersant in addition to thickening when utilized for textile sizing, finishing and printing. It offers high color yield, minimizes colour bleeding also penetrates efficiently in the prints.


  • Minimizes warp breakage
  • Highly viscous for resilient printing
  • Excellent color yield
  • Sharp and level prints
  • Efficiently penetrates in prints
  • Chocking Free Screens
  • First-class wash off quality
  • High purity


  • Ideal for printing on polyester fabric
  • Use in Printing Cotton, rayon, silk, as well as acrylic fabrics
  • Wool and carpet sizing to enhance their strength
  • Useful as a dispersant and thickening agent for dyes in textile printing
  • Utilized for carpet printing & space dyeing
  • Utilized in continuous dyeing of carpet and for printing acrylic blankets


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