Carboxy Methyl Guar Gum Derivatives


We produce and export Carboxymethyl guar gum or CMG which is derivative of guar gum polymer, with a quality ideal for textile printing thickening. We procure high-grade raw materials and employ the most up-to-date technology to match the Quality standards of the market. We are backed by an expert team of professionals who formulate and export guaranteed quality of Carboxy Methyl Guar Gum Derivatives assortment to customers internationally. Our Depolymerized guar gum product has a huge demand among our consumers because of our distinctive features like precise formulation, purity, long-shelf life as well as efficacy. Not only that, we offer high-quality Carboxymethyl guar gum priced at the most affordable rates.

Our Carboxymethyl guar gum is very viscous and thus is very ideal for resilient printing. It is valuable for a variety of uses like fine line printing on cotton material, vat dyes, etc. Our textile thickener provides superb color value and has fine wash off end result. It offers good color yield, minimized bleeding effect and is also effective for the penetration of dye. Our Carboxymethyl guar gum offers sharp prints.

Our Carboxymethyl guar gum is used in sizing textile aids in order to increase the strength and lessen the dusting of sizing machine. It gives excellent film forming and thickening properties when used for textile sizing, finishing and printing.


  • Highly Viscous
  • Excellent Color Yield
  • Sharp and Level Prints
  • Enhanced Penetration in Prints
  • Chocking Free Screens
  • High purity
  • Viscosity Stability under shear conditions
  • Excellent wash off properties
  • Makes printing appear fresh and neat


  • Extensively used in the printing of cotton, polyester, rayon, viscose, acrylic and polyester blend fabric
  • Printing paste of fast dyes, acid dyes as well as reactive dyes
  • Useful as a dispersant and thickening agent for dyes in textile printing
  • For film forming and thickening when used for textile sizing, finishing as well as printing
  • Utilized in reducing warp breakage & reducing dusting while sizing


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